Emergency Charge System
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About Us

Based in Antioch California, and founded in November 2005. DKM Solutions created the Emergency Charge System as a necessity to avoid communication breakdowns.

In light of the recent natural disasters throughout the world, communication was a key to survival. With this fact in mind DKM addresses the importance of staying connected with the Emergency Charge System.

The ECS unit uses 9 AA batteries, available worldwide. The 9 batteries total 13 .5 volts, the same voltage as use in today’s vehicles.

Personal electronic devices can be charged on the go. Professionals and the every day consumer can use the ECS adapter and power pack. The universal power port allows a multitude of electronic devices to connect to the Emergency Charge System. With the portable electronic devices in the millions, the ECS will become an essential addition to emergency or survival kits, whether at home or in the workspace.

This product was field tested in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Texas. The Emergency Charge System is a must for public safety personnel and first responders.

Also great for hikers, campers, fishermen, boaters, bikers and all extreme adventure enthusiasts.

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Our Products
ECS Adapter
ECS  Adapter
Code : ECA 295
Price : $24.95
Commercial grade AA power pack
Commercial grade AA power pack
Code : EBP- 299
Price : $34.95
ECS Comm Charger
ECS Comm Charger
Code : ecsys001
Price : $149.95
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