Emergency Charge System
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Q: Will the ECS power pack cause damage to the battery on my personnel electronic device?
A: No not if used with the correct 12v car charger, designed for your personnel electronic device.
Q: How many charges will I get for my cell phone?
A: 3 to 7 depending on usage, battery condition and voltage requirements of your phone.
Q: Can we use rechargeable batteries in the ECS power pack?
A: Yes any AA size battery will work. We use alkaline battery, Due to their shelf life.
Q: Can the ECS be used to charge my cordless phone?
A: Yes you can charge the base station and your phone for 12 to 16 hours depending on the voltage requirement of your phone.
Q: Will this device work for my iPod?
A: Yes the ECS power pack will charge a multitude of electronics devices.
Q: How soon can I use my phone when charging with my EBPA-299 ?
A: Unlike most of the other devices you can use your phone immediately. Our charger is plug and play, as fast as your phone can boot up you can use it
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